Clock In from the Desktop using the Time Clock

How to Use the Time Clock Video

Watch the video above for a guided tour of using the Time Clock, and then go hands on with the instructions below.  

Users can use easily track time using the “clock in” feature via the desktop (ClockIN tenant), mobile device, or both.  By clocking in, users start the Time Clock for a related activity and can clock out from their desktop or mobile.  Start by clocking in to track your time for learning the Time Clock feature using the steps and annotated screen captures below.

  1. Use the in app "Help" to guide you step-by-step through the Time Clock:
    a.  Go to the left-side menu and expand Time.
    b.  Click the Time Clock
    c.  Click Help in the upper-right of the screen to enable the inline help that will guide you step-by-step.
    d.  Follow the instructions, using the suggestions below (e-i) to Clock In.


Figure 1 - Time Clock Inline Help

e.  Portfolio - select General from the drop down.

NOTE:  The Portfolio represents the group of time tracking items (Projects/Objectives) to log time against.  By default, ClockIN provides a General group, however your organization may add others in the future.

f.  Objective - select Customer Onboarding.

NOTE:  Objectives are the Projects or Groupings of items to log your time against. Objectives help organize time tracking tasks/activities.

g.  Task - select New Customer Onboarding.

NOTEwhich is the specific activity for your time.

h.  Comments (Optional): Type a comment to provide supporting detail time logged.

NOTE:  Comments allow for users to capture and share information, providing a short narrative for greater management insight when viewing time reports.

i.  Click "Clock In" to start to clock, recording the time spent on the selected activity.


Figure 2 - Clock In via Time Clock

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