Insights - your view into work time, productivity, performance, and more...

Insights is included within the Work Center module and available to Administrators and Managers upon set-up, and designated individuals once they are given permission by the Administrator.  The visibility through insights gives managers the needed information regarding the performance of projects, portfolios of projects, groups, and individuals from a variety of perspectives including:  time, costs, status, and more.

The get started with Insights, navigate to the Insights page via the left-side menu navigation under the Work Center module.  Then use the interactive in-app help to guide you through the choices and process for targeting pre-configured views to manage time, including: Time by Project, Overdue Tasks, Project Trends, and more…

  • NOTE: Insights will come to life as you add projects and log time against projects, therefore this initial walk-through is designed for general awareness regarding management insights into the data, progress, and trends.
  1. Click the Help icon to enable the in-app help guidance.
  2. Follow the in-app help instruction and select the desired configurations.
  3. Contact for further assistance regarding insights or your unique reporting needs.


Figure 1 - In-App Help to Learn About Insights


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