Time Reports - quick reports for valuable insights into time

Time Reports Video

Start by watching the video above.  ClockN Reports provide a simple, fast way to see all logged time, or subset of time logged, including tracking hours by Date, Employee, or Project. 

  • Note: The reports will come to life as you have more actual data, or if you enter sample data.   

Review the Reports by clicking on the Time Reports link in the checklist or using the left-side navigation under Time, Administration, and then Reporting.  From the Reporting page follow the steps below to experience the various views and features for generating and outputting reports.

  • Note: The reports view defaults to the current week.  Therefore, start by reviewing and applying any necessary filters. 

Define your Report Criteria

  1. Select an Employee from the drop-down, or the default “All Employees” to show in the report.
  2. Pick a Group if you have groups implemented and want to see a subset of employees.
  3. Choose a Date Range if desired dates are other than the current week.
  4. Apply Filters to produce the reports based on select criteria.


Figure 1 - Report Criteria


View and Work with Reports

  1. Expand Report Detail by clicking on the reporting heading. Then collapse the detail by clicking the heading again.
  2. Change Sort Order by clicking on a column heading.
  3. Target Results using the Search option in the upper right corner of the report detail.
  4. Output Results using the Export to Excel, Export to PDF, or Print options.

Note:  By design, if Search was used to target results then the output data will include only what was returned by the search.  Clear the Search if you want all data in the export or print.


Figure 2 - View and Output Reports

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