Setup a Shift Schedule – visually plan and adjust schedules

With ClockIN you can layout shifts in a calendar style display to visually see and adjust work schedules.  Experience the easy "drag-drop and configure" Shift Schedule to add employees to dates and times for shifts and simply move things around to get it just right.

The Shift Schedule is purely for planning purposes and is not tied to tasks and assignments.  Shifts are added by first clicking on a calendar date and time, and then completing the form to add a resource.  A single shift supports multiple resources, and resources can be moved via drag-and-drop to another date and time or changed.  Note that users need to be created (see the Set Up Users) and projects (See Add Projects ) to reflect your resources and projects. 

Add a Shift Schedule

Experience the shift schedule by clicking on the Setup a Shift Schedule checklist item from the Home page or use the left-side menu Time and then Shift Schedule.

  1. Click a date on the Shift Schedule for the desired resource (Resource Column).

Note:  A dialogue box opens assigning the select resource and requiring additional information.

  1. Complete the Add Shift Schedule form, and add more than one resources to the shift.
  2. Click SAVE.


Figure 1- Add Shift Schedule

  1. View the schedule to see the date cells highlighted for the multiple resources you selected for the shift (you will see how all resources are adjusted if you choose to change the date in the next step).

Edit Shift Schedule

Shift schedules can be edited by either double clicking on a scheduled item on the calendar or dragging and dropping schedule items from one date to another, or one resource to another.  The drag-and-drop feature allows for fast and easy changes in planning or “laying out” your shift schedule.


  1. Change a Shift Date by dragging and dropping the scheduled shift to a different date.

Tip:  Try this with a shift that has more than one resource to see the shift date change for both resources.

  1. Change a Shift Resource by dragging a schedule shift from one resource to another.


Figure 2 - Edit/Layout Shift Schedule




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