Clock In and Clock Out via Mobile Device

Download and/or log-in to the ClockIN mobile app, and then clock in and clock out to experience the End User process for logging time.  See the article "Installing the Mobile Application" or contact for guidance on downloading the mobile app.  If you have already installed the mobile app.

  1. Log In to ClockIN mobile using your same Username and Password as the desktop.


Figure 1 - Log In to Clock In

  1. Clock In from your mobile device by clicking the “CLOCK IN” button on the default Timer Clock page, and then wait a few minutes as the system tracks time prior to Step 3.


Figure 2 - Clock In via Mobile

    1. Clock Out from your mobile and select “Training” as the Objective, and “ClockIN Onboarding” as the Task, and then click “Save.”


Figure 3 - Clock Out via Mobile

  1. Select Project “ClockIN Onboarding” and then click SAVE.


Figure 4 - Select Task and Save

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