Log Time via Timesheet

Overview Video

Use Timesheets to experience how users manually enter time, guided by the in-app Help feature.  “Help” is available to users within many of the applications and pages throughout the system.  This is a good feature to familiarize your users with when first learning ClockIN or as a refresher. 

The video and example below provide step-by-step instructions for familiarizing yourself with the Timesheet (See Figure 1).

How To Video

  1. Click the Log Time via Timesheet link in the Onboarding Checklist or navigate to “Time” on the left-side menu, then

a.  Click “Timesheet”

b.  Click “Help”

2.  Follow the in-app help guidance by following the instructions provided for each step.

3.  Clicking “next” to proceed through the process for adding time manually via the Timesheet.  


Figure 1- Timesheet for Time Entry



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