Log Time via Timesheet

Use Timesheets to experience how users manually enter time, guided by the in-app Help feature.  “Help” is available to users within many of the applications and pages throughout the system.  This is a good feature to familiarize your users with when first learning ClockIN or as a refresher. 

The video and example below provide step-by-step instructions for familiarizing yourself with the Timesheet (See Figure 1).

  1. Click the Log Time via Timesheet link in the Onboarding Checklist or navigate to “Time” on the left-side menu, then

a.  Click “Timesheet”

b.  Click “Help”

2.  Follow the in-app help guidance by following the instructions provided for each step.

3.  Clicking “next” to proceed through the process for adding time manually via the Timesheet.  


Figure 1- Timesheet for Time Entry



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