What Details Are Available In Timesheets?

Visit the Timesheets window to see a list of Clock In and Clock Out events added by your employees. By default, the list shows you Clocks added within the last week, but as explained below, you can filter the view in a variety of ways.

Within the table, you will see details of each Clock, including Employee's Name and Photo, Time and Date for the Clock In, location(If user's GPS is enabled )the Clock out, Hours Worked.  In addition, under the Time Logs column you will see detailed information for Job codes, Projects Tasks and Contacts.

Edit Timelog

You can edit the timelog by clicking the pencil icon to the left of the description.

This will open the timelog window and allow you to adjust the entry type as well as the time if necessary.

Once your changes are complete click the ‘Update Timelog’ button to save your changes. 

Add a  Manual Timelog Entry

In the event that you need to add a manual entry for a specific timesheet row  you can do so by clicking on the  small green ‘+’ sign.  This will open the ‘Manual Timelog Entry’ Window.  Choose the  timelog type and subtype from the drop down menus and enter the Start Time and End time. Then click the ‘Add Timelog’ button. Note: If your START time does not correspond to an existing Timesheet row, it will not show up. Please add a Timesheet row before adding an itemized Timelog entry.


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