Time Clock

The time clock allows your mobile workforce to accurately record their time on any desktop with an internet connection while out in the field; thus reducing the headache of trying to track time manually.  To start recording time, just Login to the Desktop Application and select the 'Time Clock' tab on the left side of the screen.

When clocking in users can also choose to enter in a job code that has been set up from the Manager Desktop by the account manager.These job codes allow you to accurately record time spent on specific assignments.  Additionally, the user can select a Project/Task, contact, and a comment can be added when clocking in/out as well.  This allows the users to record specific information in  near-real time that might otherwise might be overlooked.  then select the 'UPDATE STATUS' to record the Time clock information.

When viewing the Time Clock users can see detailed information about their last recorded clock day/time.


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