How to Edit the Time Sheet


Edit Clock in/out time

If you need to edit a Timesheet record you can do so from the 'Time Sheets window in the Manager's Desktop.

You can change the overall clock in/out time by clicking the 'Edit' link on the right side of the page.

Next, you can modify the clock in/out times and add comments explaining the reason for the change.  Once all updates are complete click the 'Update Timesheet' button to save the changes.

Add /Edit Specific Timesheet Entries

From the Time Sheets window you also have the ability to add a job code, a task, a project or contact detail to a record.  To add an additional detail to an existing clock record click on the '+' sign.  

Then choose the Timelog type and if Job Code is selected choose the job code from the second drop down selector.  Then click  the 'Add Timelog' button to save your changes.



To edit an existing detail entry (Job code, Project, task, contact) click on the pencil icon to edit the record.

This will allow you to edit the the record, including the clock in/out times.  Once you have made all the changes click the 'Update Timelog' to save your changes.



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