Logging Time to a Contact

If you would like  to give your users the ability to log time to specific customer you can enable this feature from the Manager's Desktop. Select 'Global Settings' link on the left side of the page.  From the available options choose 'Contacts.' Next select the 'ON' button to enable this feature.  Then click the 'Save Settings' button to save your changes.

This will enable the  ability to log time to customers on the mobile application.  When users access the 'Timeclock' feature on their mobile device they will now the the 'Contact' option available.

To log time to a contact they can tap the 'Contact' option and select from the from the available company contacts. Once a selection is made they can tap the 'Update My Status button to begin logging time against their selected contact.

The information is available in the 'Timesheets' report in the Manager's Desktop.

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