Importing contacts from Quickbooks

If you currently use Quickbooks you can  import all of your contacts from Quickbooks into your Clock In account.  To get started log into your Quickbooks account. Then from the Clock In Manager’s Desktop  select the ‘Contact’ tab on the left side of the page.

The select the ‘Import From Quickbooks’ button

Next, click on the ‘Connect to Quickbooks’ button to import contacts from your Quickbooks account.

You will then be prompted to authorize Intuit to share your data with Clock In. Note: If you are not already logged into your Quickbooks account you will be prompted to login.

Once the Intuit window closes, refresh your contacts page.

Once the page is refreshed you will see that your Quickbooks contacts have been imported.


Please note that the Quickbooks sync is currently just FROM Quickbooks to Clock In. So any changes made to contacts within the Clock In application will not be synced back to Quickbooks.  We will be adding additional Quickbooks functionality including two way sync in future releases.


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