Geofence Alerts


 Once you have set up some Geofence areas you can  create custom alerts so you will be notified when one of your users Clocks in/Out or submits an Activity within a Geofence area.  To set up an alert click on the 'Manage Alerts' tab on the left side of the page.


This will open the Alerts window.  Then click the 'Add Alert' button to choose your Alert options.

This will open the Manage Alerts window.  This window allows you to set up alerts for the following categories:Activity, Clock, form, Geofence.  To set up a Geofence alert just click on 'Geofence' to select the details of the alert.

Next Select 'Inside Geofence' from the drop down selector.  This will allow you to customize your alert by selecting who is notified, how they are notified(SMS or Email) and which action you want to trigger the alert(Clock In/Out or Activity).  You can even edit the text of the message that is sent.

Once you have your chosen your alert settings click the 'Save Alert' button.


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