What are Form Categories?

Form Categories are a useful way of organizing your forms. If you need several field reports, you can group them into a single category. Perhaps you want to handle time-off requests from your employees, as well as solicit feedback about utilization of benefits. These might be grouped into a Human Resources category. These groupings help your employees find the form they need quickly in the mobile application.

To manage your Form Categories, click on the Forms link in the sidebar, then click Manage Forms, and then Form Categories. A list of existing categories is shown. You can delete any existing ones from this view. To edit the Name, simply click on the form name you wish to edit, make your changes, and hit Return.



Adding a new Form Category is as easy as clicking the Add Form Categories button at the top and entering the name you wish to use. Click Save New Form Categories, and the list will refresh with your addition available.


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