What are Activities?

Activities are location-based events created by your employees on the mobile application. As the manager, you can get near-real time updates from your employees in the field, and see their photos and locations here in your desktop.

If you want verification that an employee is at a client's location, need a log of all places they visit each day, or would like to be able to collect a photo within moments from a job site, Activities offer you the means to do this.

Visit the Activities window to get started.

The first thing you should do is add at least one Activity Category in order to classify your Activities.

For more information about Activities in the mobile application, visit the how to log an Activity in the Mobile App Features section of the Help Center.

Each Activity can include a photo, taken at that moment or chosen from the employee's photo gallery, and will also geolocate the user at the time of the event. These details can be viewed in the Activities window, which will be explored in detail in the next Article.

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