Projects and Tasks

The projects feature allows you to  easily create and manage projects.  To create a project start by clicking on the Projects Tab on the left side of the Desktop Application.  This will open the projects window.  To add a project click the ‘Add Project’ button in the upper left corner of the window.


When Adding a project you can assign an owner,  add a start/end date , include budgeted hours and  budget cost, add a point of contact and finally a description of the project.  Including all of this information will help ensure that your mobile workforce has all of the details they need to complete a project.


Within a project there may be specific tasks that you would like to add.  To add a task to a project click on the ‘View Task’ button to open the Tasks window.

Once in the task window click on the ‘Add Task’ button.  This will allow you to add specific tasks within a project.  



Once a task has been created users can log hours by clicking on the ‘Log Hours’ button.


To add time to a task simply make your selections from the drop down menu, fill in the total hours you wish to record, the date and any comments.



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