What are Reports? offers you several ways to export your information. There are several standard reports available or if you like you can create custom reports    To generate a report start by clicking on the reports tab on the left side of the page.  Then click the ‘Generate New Report’ button.

 Then choose  your report selections from the available drop down menus.  Select the file format type  and then click the ‘Generate Report’ button to create your report.


The Manager Generated Reports window will open  and you will see your newly created report as well as a history of other reports you may have created.  Then click  the ‘Download’ button.

Additionally, In the individual  Timesheets, Forms, and Activity Details windows, you will see a green button to Generate  a Report of Current View.  This will allow you to generate a report without the need to leave your current window.

If you wish to delete  a number reports from the Manager Generated Reports window just select the reports you wish to remove and click on the red ‘Delete Selected’ button to delete the reports.  If you just wish to delete a single report you can do so by clicking the ‘Delete’ button in the ‘Actions’ column on the right side of the page.




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