What Are Forms?

Forms are a dynamic way for you to collect information from your mobile employees. You can create customer feedback forms, inventory requests, equipment checklists, performance evaluations, sales leads, incident reports, and many, many others. Do you need an employee to submit a daily report from the field? Create a form with exactly the fields you want to capture. Employees can access all active forms from the Forms tab in the mobile application, and their responses are sent to the server upon submission and immediately available in the manager desktop in the Form Responses window.

Open up the Forms window (which is accessed by clicking Manage Forms in the Form Responses window). A list of existing forms is shown and you can edit or delete them from this view. Click on Add Form and a form creation window will open.

At the top of the window you can give your form a Form Title and assign it to a category (more on form categories here). Don't hit Create Form just yet, you still need to add fields for this to work.

The left-side of this window offers a list of field types you can add. Click on any of the field types to pop a new field into your form. If you want to collect short text responses, use Single-Line Text. If you need a longer text response, select Multi-Line Text fields. Numbers, dates, checkboxes, and select dropdown lists are also available. You can mix and match the field types in your form as you need.

For instance, if you need a job estimate form that collects a date, a customer name, a job-cost amount, and a comment from your employee, add DateSingle-Line TextNumber (or Decimal), and Multi-Line Text fields to your form.

Once you have fields in your form, you need to give each one a label. Use the text input for each field section to do so. Note the up and down arrows. These allow you to move the fields relative to each other so that you can position each as you desire. The red button to the right of the arrows will remove the field completely. There is also a Required Field checkbox for each field that allows you to force your employees to submit a value. If it is an optional field, simply uncheck the box. Once you are satisfied with your new form, click Create Form and it will now show up in your list of existing Forms and be available for your employees to fill out from the mobile application. You can always edit it at any time, or delete it completely.

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