Can I add extra fields to Activities?

You can add as many extra fields to your Activity Categories as you would like. Each Category can have a different set of fields, so you can collect the data you want based on the category selected in the mobile app.

There are several field types available, the same ones you can find for the Forms system. You can collect dates, text, checkbox responses, and present a select option dropdown list. We also offer custom development of field types, such as integrating data from your existing data systems. Contact us at to see how we can customize your installation.

To get started, open the Activities Category window. On any existing categories, click on the Edit Fields link. You can also add fields when adding a New Category as part of the creation flow. You will now see a screen like that on the right, where you can add fields by clicking on the field types on the left side. A new field label box will appear, so enter the questions or label you wish to display with the field. Use the arrows to move fields up or down in the position, and delete a field by clicking the red X. Fields are only saved once you click Update Activity Category.

On the mobile app, in the Activities screen, when the user selects the Activity Category which now has fields, new fields will appear below the standard Comments block.

Once the Activity has been submitted by the employee and received by the server, you will see the new Activity in the Activities window. On the right side of the table, if the Activity included your custom fields, you'll see a link for View Answers, which will pop open the submission response.

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