How can I set which Activities show up in the Team Activity on the App?

By default, all Activities will appear in the Team Activity on the mobile application. These entries feature the user's profile photo, name, and details about each Activity.

However, you can change this behavior to reflect the nature of your business needs. There are two ways to access the Settings window

Click on the Global Settings menu item in the left sidebar in the desktop. Then, click on the Activities link. 

From the Activities window, click on the wrench icon in the upper-right of the window, next to the refresh and close icons.        

You currently have 4 options available:

All: All activities will appear for all users. Nothing is filtered out.
Own: Only show the user his/her own activities.
Own / Manager sees all: managers see all activities in app, other users only see her/his own
None: No activities are showing in Team Activity. 

Click the radio button next to the option of choice, and click Save Settings. Your new settings will take effect within a few moments.

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