Manage Employees Time

Manage Time Video

See an employee's logged time, for a select period, and add time for them if needed.  View the video above for an introduction.

Start by navigating to the Timesheet option via the “Manage Time” checklist link on the Home page or use the left-side menu Timesheet option. Once in the timesheet follow the steps and Figure 1 below:

  1. Select the desired employee from the drop-down and then the desired period using the date options.
    Note the available employees is based on configuration done in User Management covered in "Set Up Managers" help article.  The default employee is always based on the logged-in user.
  2. Log time for the employee if desired (See previous checklist item “Log Time via Timesheet”).
  3. Toggle the Filter By option to Time Logged to see only those projects and tasks that have time entered for the select period.
    a.  View, Add, or Update Comments by clicking in the desired cell and selecting “Comment.”
    b.  Review Total Time Logged by day, project, or period to understand and/or validate totals based on actuals or management expectations.


Figure 1 - Manage Timesheet


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