How to Clock In / Out on a Mobile Device

Mobile Time Clock Video

Watch the short video above for an overview of how to clock in/clock out.  Log-in to the ClockIN mobile app to experience the End User process for logging time (See the article "Installing the Mobile Application" for guidance on downloading the mobile app if needed.  

Step-by-step instructions for clocking in and out:

  1. Log In to ClockIN mobile using your same Username and Password as the desktop.


Figure 1 - Log In to Clock In

  1. Clock In from your mobile device by clicking the “CLOCK IN” button on the default Timer Clock page, and then wait a few minutes as the system tracks time prior to Step 3.


Figure 2 - Clock In via Mobile

    1. Clock Out from your mobile and select “Training” as the Objective, and “ClockIN Onboarding” as the Task, and then click “Save.”


Figure 3 - Clock Out via Mobile

  1. Select Project “ClockIN Onboarding” and then click SAVE.


Figure 4 - Select Task and Save

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