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The Roadmap provides a visual, timeline style view of all projects that have a start and end date, painting a holistic picture of projects based on time.  The roadmap helps facilitate planning decisions when balancing projects, time, and resources.

Note:  For projects to appear on the Roadmap they must have a start and end date.  In addition, trying changing project statuses to see how they are reflected in timeline.  

Once you have projects with dates, follow the steps below to experience the Roadmap. 

  1. Go to the Roadmap via the checklist item link or from the left-size menu by expanding the Work Center category and then click Roadmap.
  2. Change the calendar views by clicking Month and then Week in the upper right to see the timeline change.
  3. See Project Details by hovering over a timeline bar for a select project.
    • NOTE:  the system provides color codes and KPIs for visual indicators and text based on project performance (e.g. past due, or coming due) and priority.  The example below shows the project in orange and notes “Due within 7 days.”   
  4. Modify the Roadmap view by expanding the Milestone Details Panel and selecting or deselecting status. Click “Apply Filter” upon making changes.


Figure 1 - Working with the Roadmap

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