Create and View and Announcement – targeted employee communication

Announcements Video

Watch the video above for an overview of ClockIN announcements.  

The Announcements feature from ClockIN provides a powerful, flexible means of communication with all ClockIN members/employees or a targeted subset.   It is both powerful and flexible because you can choose:

  • Where to send the message: SMS, Email, ClockIN Inbox, or all three. 
  • How to send the message: Standard, Important, or Acknowledgement Required.
  • When to send the message: Immediately or pick a Publish Date.
  • Who to send the message to: All (Default Group) or Specific Group(s).
  • What to include in the message: Rich Formatted Text and/or Attachments.

Learn how to create and send a new announcement, then see how it appears on the Home page of ClockIN, in your SMS and email. 

Start with creating a new announcement by navigating to Announcements via the “Create and View Announcement” checklist link or using the left-side menu option under Work Center and then Administration.  From the Announcements page:

  1. Click the Help indicator next to each column to learn about its purpose and complete the information.
    • Note: If you do not see the Help indicator click the “Help” button at the bottom.
  2. Click the Details tabs to see other configuration option that are available using the Help.
    • Note: Attachments can be added after the announcement is submitted. 
  3. For Group, select “Default” from the drop-down list (2nd Figure shown below)
    • Note: The “Default” group is all the current ClockIN users for your organization.
  4. Click “Submit” to send your announcement.


Figure 1 - Compose Message with "Help"


Figure 2 - Select Group(s) and Submit

View your announcement by navigating to the Home Page and Inbox. 


Figure 3 - Announcement Example (Home Page)


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