Setup Time Off Request Allocations – allocate available time off for employees

Setup your allocations for employee time off (e.g. Vacation, Sick, Carry Over, etc.) using the TOR Allocation feature and in-app guidance from Help. 

Start by navigating to TOR Allocations via the “Setup Time Off Request Allocations” checklist link or using the left-side menu under the Time modules and Administration.  From the TOR Allocation page you will:

  1. Click “Help” button at the top right of the page to enable in-app guidance on setting up new allocations, or if you clicked the "Set Up Time Off Requests (TOR) Allocations" link via the Checklist  go to step 2 below.  Note:  Users must first be set up (See the "Setup New Users" article) and those users must be given access to the Time application and "Time Off Request" module in order to submit and manage requests.
  2. Follow the steps via the in-app help to setup allocations for select users. 

    Tip:  Setup your time off allocations to experience the lifecycle of the Time Off Request system by following the steps in the help article "Submit and Approve a Time Off Request."


Figure 1 - Setup Time Off Request (TOR) Allocations

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