Setup Managers – enable managers to track and manage time


Setup Managers and Assistants Video

View the video above to learn how to configure ClockIN User Management to enable Managers and Assistants to review, add, and update time entries and time off requests for users under their responsibility.  

Tip:  Schedule a kick-off session with Managers to walk through the Quick Start, Setup & Manage, and Companion Guide.

Start by navigating to User Management via the “Setup Managers” checklist link or using the left-side menu under the Time category and Administration option.  From the User Management page you will first select the users for who the manager can log time (see Figure 1), and then log time (see Figure 2).

    1. Edit the desired Manager by clicking the edit icon next to the manager’s name.  If the user is not listed, go to the next checklist item “Setup New Users,” and then return to this step.

                                                                      Figure 1 - Edit User

  1. Click “Log Time For…” tab to add the users for which you’d like the manager to be able to log time for.
  2. Select Employee from the drop-down list and click to employee to add them to the “Users Can Log Time For” option. 
  3. Click Save to apply select employees for which the manager can log time for.  Upon saving, the manager will see those employees available in the Timesheet, Employee drop-down option per the previous checklist item “Manage Time.” 
  4. Repeat the above steps by clicking the “Edit Time For…” tab, and then “TOR Approvers” tab (for Time off Request) to configure those options.  
    Tip:  Set yourself to approve your TOR requests to experience the request lifecycle in the later checklist item. 


Figure 2 - Edit Resource

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