All Time Entries - How to Review and Edit Time

All Time Entry Video

Review the video above for a guided tour of All Time Entries and how to review and edit logged time.  Then use the step-by-step instructions below to go hands-on.

View Time Entered

Start by using the Advanced Filter option to define the data/time entries you want to review by:

  1. Go to “All Time Entries” via the Time Reporting link in the checklist or use the left-side menu and click “Time,” then “Administration,” then “All Time Entries.” (see image below)
  2. Click “Advanced Filter” to set your selection for time entries to view by the following by:
    a.  Select User, and/or
    b.  Project, and/or
    c.  Task (time tracking item), and/or
    d.  Start and End Dates (period)
  3. Click “Apply Filter” to apply the select filter criteria. Then review the detailed results for the time entries based on the filter.
  4. Export to Excel by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the “Export to Excel” button.


Figure 1 - All Time Entries Page


Edit Time Entered

If you need to edit a specific time entry, for either a “clocked” entry or “manual” timesheet entry, you can use the edit icon for the item to make the change.  The instructions below first show how to edit a manual timesheet entry, then a clocked entry.  A manual timesheet entry is denoted by a calendar icon, whereas a clocked time entry is denoted by a clocked icon and also includes the “in” and “out” times.

  1. Edit a manual, Timesheet entry by clicking the “Edit” icon and modifying the hours and/or date. Note comments should always be included on an edited time entry noting the reason for the change.


Figure 2 - Edit Timesheet Entry

  1. Edit a clocked entry by clicking the Edit icon. Clocked entries are modified by clicking on the date field to change the date and/or time for the Clock-in or Clock-out. 


Figure 3  - Edit Clock-In Date and Time


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