How do I change my subscription plan?

To adjust your subscription, go to User Management under the Administration menu (See Figure 1 and Figure 2) to add or remove users and assign or unassign modules to users as needed.

To Add New Users (Figure 1):

  1. Click "New User" button and complete the required information
  2. Complete the Required information Under the default "General Settings"
  3. Provide Access to Desired applications under the "Application Access Tab"
  4. Click "Add Employee"
  5. NOTE Once the employee is added Edit the user record and click "Application Settings" to specify specific access to features within the module.  


Figure 1 - Add New User, Select Applications, Apply Application Settings

To Remove or Edit Users (Figure 2)

  1. Click the "Edit icon" next to the desired user's name.
  2. To Remove the User from the system click "Delete Employee" at the bottom of the dialogue box.
  3. To Add or Remove Applications for a User click the "Application Access" tab and select or deselect applications accordingly.  Be sure to click "Save Employee" after making changes.


Figure 2 - Remove or Edit Users/Application Access

After you make changes go to the Subscribe to see the new counts and amounts. If you have provided a payment method, your subscription will update nightly if user changes are made (See Figure 3).


Figure 3 - Subscribe Page

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